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Rate Me

With our FREE Rate Me PHP script, you can add a simple Rate Me dropdown on your web pages. Create unlimited rating items, track IP address, easily access results via MySQL.

Version: 1.0 / Downloads: 724

Rate Me

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Rate Me script comes with 5 files:

- config.php - where MySQL login details are stored;
- database.sql - SQL query to create a MySQL table where ratings are stored;
- example-page.html - example web page with 2 sample rate dropdowns integrated;
- rate-me.js - JavaScript code used to load and process ratings;
- rate-me.php - used to print rate me dropdown and save selected rating into a database;

You can add an unlimited number of rate items each having unique ID. All users ratings are stored in a MySQL database including - rate ID, selected rating, user IP address. You can easily group the results in your MySQL table to view unique ratings or how often same users rate the same item.

Using this simple SQL query you can remove all duplicate ratings.


To download Rate Me for FREE you need to login your account.

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How to Install

Follow the steps below to install our FREE Rate Me script:

1) Download the ZIP file and extract all files into a folder on your computer.

2) Open config.php file and set MySQL login details for your database.

3) Use the SQL query found in database.sql file to create a MySQL table used by Rate Me script.

4) Open your HTML page and put

<script language="javascript" src="rate-me.js"></script>

in the head section of it. If your page is in a different folder, you need to adjust the src file path.

5) Put this code on your web page where you need the Rate Me dropdown to appear:

<script language="javascript">

If you want to have multiple different Rate Me widgets, then set a unique ID for each of them:
RateMe("002"); RateMe("003"); RateMe("abc"); etc.

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